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Corporate or private frementation workshops.

"It was an absolutely fascinating talk, and will certainly be very helpful for judging." - TORTIE FARRAND, Guild of Fine Food

Over two and a half hours we will provide an educational and hands on course which will open the door to the exciting world of fermentation and provide a resource for better health.
You will learn the basics of fermentation, make your own sauerkraut or kimchi, enjoy fermented beverages, take home a mason jar of your creation and a bag.

The course will cover 

  • Foundations of fermentation

    • what is fermentation?

    • History of fermentation

    • Rise in fermentation

    • How to ferment

    • Safety

    • Organoleptic

    • Pickling vs fermenting

  • Introduction to gut health

    • The microbiome

    • Immunity

    • Brain

    • Prebiotics

    • How to nurture

  • OPTIONAL - Fermented food making class; kimchi, hot sauce or kombucha

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